What to expect on the day?

  • The wedding ceremony starts at 15:00.
  • The ceremony will be followed by cake and sparkling wine and group photography.
  • Dinner reception will take place at 18:30 following light activities and photography.
  • There will be a band.
  • All activities will take place in the same venue.


Dress code

There is no specific dress code. Anything appropriate for a summer wedding that you feel comfortable in. Keep in mind that July in Latvia can get very hot. Like 34°C hot.


The wedding will take place in Annas Koku skola, which is not too far away from Riga and near a town called Piņķi.


We will be arranging a bus from the centre of Riga to the venue, with the pick-up point (Google maps link) being next to the University of Latvia's Faculty of Business, Management and Economics.


We have reserved a large room Ābele at the top floor of the venue where beds will be set up for anyone wishing to stay the night. Bed spaces are limited so please let us know in advance if you are looking to take up this option. Breakfast pastries and tea will be provided in the morning.


Your presence at the wedding is the best gift we can ask for. If all goes to plan, by the wedding date, we'll be in the process of moving countries, so please do not bring any physical gifts. Should you still wish to gift us something, we'll gladly appreciate any financial contributions towards our honeymoon in California.